About us

About us

            The factory was established in 1976. With more  than 33 years old of experience and specializing in bronze figure casting with international quality standard, Our products have been highly accepted world wide. We export products to the USA, Europe, and many countries in Asia with strict care in design and specification. Quality control is established from the start with the raw material to the finished product, ensuring you have high quality products.

            Maprang bronze Provides you with the best selection of eleglance, as we are able to create the work of art according to your design and specification.

            We guarantee you complete satisfaction and, we wish you can feel the difference of decoration.

Cast Bronze & Lost Wax Process

Since ancient times, bronze has been used to create magnificent, long lasting, and treasured works of art. “ Bronze” it self is a general team for a variety of copper – based metal alloys, popular with artists and craftmen for millennia because it is hard yet formable. Bronze sculptures are hand cast using the meticulous, centuries old “lost wax” method.

The  sculptor creates the work of art in clay, or wax. A flexible mode is made, capturing every detail. A wax cast is made in the mode, then finished and covered with a shell form dipping in ceramic slurry. Molten bronze is poured into the resulting shell, displacing the wax. The shell is then broken away and many hours of finishing labor are required to produce the finished work which may be colored with a chemical and heat process antique green, patina green, two tone brown, dark brown, black.

Bronze by Maprang continues this tradition. Skilled artsans combine the laborious lost wax process with tasteful finishing to create some of the finest, most beautiful bronze pieces available. Mapang bronze offers an amazing variety of Bronze elite Fountains, Sculptures, Furniture & Accessories, Flowerpots and Animals. Ideal as quality landscape, Bronze elite sculptures also bring elegance and grace to interior space.

Bronze by Maprang Elegant bronze sculpture of heirloom quality, with immediate richness for the present and long – lasting value for generations to come.